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1945 born in Prague and grown up in Litomerice in Northern Bohemia.
1962 - 1966 Technical University Prague, faculty of technical and nuclear physics.
1966 - 1971 Studies at RWTH Aachen (Technical University Aachen). In 1971 PhD in theoretical physics. After PhD graduation working as freelance photographer for dpa (German Press Agency) in Africa and Arabia.
1973 - 2010 Professor of optics at the Fachhochschule Köln (Cologne University of Applied Sciences) in the department Photoingenieurwesen (imaging sciences and media technologies) - until 2004. Presently at the institute of applied optics and electronics (AOE).
Specialised in ´land-and-people-photography´, since 1976 panoramic photography. Divers projects in documentation of cultural relics in the Himalayas, Tibet and Cambodia in collaboration with museums, universities and other institutions.
1977 - 1987 together with Wolfgang Kohl (cameraman and film producer) documentaries for the German TV in Yemen, Mali, India, Pakistan and Tibet.
1981 - 1994 photographic documentation of the wall paintings in the temples of Alchi (collaboration with Prof. Roger Goepper, Museum of East Asian Art Cologne) and organisation of the SAVE ALCHI PROJECT (conservation works in Alchi) with Prof. Karl Ludwig Dasser (Department of Restoration and Conservation of Cultural Relics at the Fachhochschule Köln
1984 documentation of the wall paintings in Tabo monastery, Spiti, West Himalayas (published in 1996 by Prof. Deborah Salter from the University of Vienna). In 2001 one more campaign in Tabo.
1993 documentation of the wall paintings in Toling, Guge, West Tibet (invitation by University of Vienna, Institute of Art History, Prof. Dr.Klimburg-Salter)
1993 participation in the Silk Road project of the German Research Council (Prof. Klimkeit, University Bonn), documentation of the wall paintings in Turfan etc.
1993 - 2005 photographic work in Angkor, Cambodia. In 1995
documentation of the bas-reliefs in Angkor Wat and the Bayon with the slit-scan technique.
1996 - 1998 photographic work in Mustang (Nepal) for the German Research Coucil (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft), project of Niels Gutschow (1996), a private journey to Upper Mustang in 1997 and in 1998 photographic work for the American Himalayan Foundation (documentation of wall paintings in Thubchen and Chamba Lakhang in Lo Monthang). In 2010 last visit of Upper Mustang.
1996 - 2005 co-director (director Prof. Dr. Hans Leisen) of the German Apsara Conservation Project (GACP), responsible of photographic documentation of Angkor Wat.
2003 until 2007 photographic work in Burma.
2010 In July retirement at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences. From October 2010 for one year as GIZ-CIM (German International Cooperation) expert in Afghanistan.
2010 - 2011 Photographic documentation of cultural heritage in Afghanistan
2012 Work for Fotopedia on an app on Himalayas. Publication of books on Afghanistan and forty years of activities in the Himalayas.
2013 two months scholarship at Villa Massimo (German Academy) in Rome; panoramas of Lazio
2015 - 2017 Collaboration with Christian Luczanits (SOAS London) on documentation of religious objects in Upper Mustang (Nepal)
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