Jaroslav Poncar: Jaroslav Poncar born 1945 in Prague, has lived in Cologne since 1973 where was professor at the department of imaging sciences of Fachhochschule Köln (Cologne University of Applied Sciences). His photographic projects took him to Africa, Arabia and to Asia, especially to the Himalayas, Tibet, India, ...
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Dates & Facts

1945 born in Prague and grown up in Litomerice in Northern Bohemia.
1962 - 1966 Technical University Prague, faculty of technical and nuclear physics.
1966 - 1971 Studies at RWTH Aachen (Technical University Aachen). In 1971 PhD in theoretical physics. After PhD graduation working as freelance photographer for dpa (German Press Agency) in Africa and Arabia.
1973 - 2010 Professor of optics at the Fachhochschule Köln (Cologne University of Applied Sciences) in the department Photoingenieurwesen (imaging sciences and media technologies) - until 2004. Presently at the institute of applied optics and electronics (AOE).
Specialised in ´land-and-people-photography´, since 1976 panoramic photography. Divers projects in documentation of cultural relics in the Himalayas, Tibet and Cambodia in collaboration with museums, universities and other institutions.
1977 - 1987 together with Wolfgang Kohl (cameraman and film producer) documentaries for the German TV in Yemen, Mali, India, Pakistan and Tibet.
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