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Siachen Expedition 1978

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Siachen Expedition 1978

In the summer of 1978, Wolfgang Kohl, Volker Stallbohm and I undertook an expedition to the Siachen Glacier in East Karakoram. At 78 km, it was considered the longest in the non-polar world. It was the third visit from the West, after Fanny and Hunter Workman (1911 and 1912) and the Italian geologist Giotto Daineli (1930). The expedition produced a 45-minute film for German television (Durch die Eiswildnis des Ost-Karakorum). The ceasefire line between India and Pakistan left it unclear until 1984 which of the two states owned the glacier. In the summer of 1984, India started a war with Pakistan to clarify who owned the ice wilderness. India still maintains several thousand troops in the Siachen area. Since our expedition played a role in this terrible story, I decided to write down our expedition story and have it self-published.Edition: 50 copies.

Cover: hard cover
Size: 31x21 cm
Publishing company: Self published, 2021

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